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Around a year ago, which like now is National Lead Poisoning Prevention week, Pittsburgh City Council committed to enacting lead poisoning prevention legislation. To celebrate a year of hard work from council members, advocates, and experts, join Get the Lead Out, Pittsburgh, Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis, City Councilperson Erika Strassburger, and more for a press event on October 26 at the Pittsburgh City-County Portico at 9 am to learn more about why the lead safety law is crucial to protect children in Allegheny County.

Together, we can create a lead-safe Allegheny and beyond. For all.

Join community leaders, policymakers, advocates, scientists and families from across our region, state and nation to recognize National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week and the progress and action required in our community.

Get the Lead Out, Wilkinsburg:

A study focused on identifying lead hazards

of households tested exceeded recommended lead levels in at least one source

What do you know about lead poisoning in Allegheny County?

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Decreased IQ, brain damage and more.


It’s in your paint, dust, soil and water


Protect yourself. Protect your family.


Does boiling water reduce the effects of lead?


Is your home, school and child care center safe?


Demand change in Allegheny County.

Demolitions Done Right

Dust from lead-based paint and soil is the leading cause of lead poisoning in Allegheny County children, according to investigations conducted by the Allegheny County Health Department. And since demolitions tend to kick up dust, it’s important to find ways to prevent dust from traveling through a neighborhood. To mitigate dust and prevent exposure to toxic lead dust, contractors use the ‘Wet-Wet-Wet Method’ for demolitions.

Wonder if that demo in your neighborhood is lead-safe? Become a Demo Detector.

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“Get the Lead Out, Pittsburgh” is a public awareness campaign designed to shine a light on lead poisoning in Allegheny County, help families who are impacted by lead poisoning, and enact changes to make our community safer.


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