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Frequently Asked Questions

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 Q: How and when do I get my child tested for lead poisoning?

A: Consult with your child’s pediatrician. The Allegheny County Health Department requires testing for lead exposure for all children at 9-12 months of age, and again at 24 months. If a child is older than 24 months, testing may be done as soon as possible after 24 months but before 72 months of age or entry into kindergarten, whichever is sooner.

Q: I believe my child may suffer from lead poisoning. Where can we get help?

A: A confirmed blood lead level of less than 5 micrograms/deciliter gets any child between 0-3 years old access to Early Intervention services and entitles the family to Allegheny County Health Department’s Lead Home Investigations program for a full risk assessment to identify source(s) of lead exposure and receive best practices to minimize risk.

If your child is between 0-3, contact the Alliance for Infants & Toddlers by calling 412-885-6000 for more information. If your child is 3-5 years old, contact the Allegheny Intermediate Unit – DART program by calling 412-394-5904.

Q: I am unsure if my home has lead hazards. Where can I get an evaluation?

A: The Allegheny County Health Department has a Safe and Healthy Homes Program to provide home inspections for households with at least one pregnant woman, or a child under age 22. The inspection will evaluate lead-based paint hazards, asthma triggers, pest management, ventilation, and mold/moisture.

Q: I found lead hazards in my home. Who can fix this?

A: The Allegheny County Office of Economic Development has a Lead Safe Homes Program. This program will provide  eligible families with an assessment of lead paint hazards and remediation of lead hazards.

Q: How do I know if my child’s toys are safe?

A: Learn more here: Six Tips to Make Sure Your Child’s Holiday Toys are Safe


Q: I am looking to buy a home. How can I ensure it is lead-safe?

A: Currently, there is no lead hazard housing registry for Allegheny County. Home sellers are not required to test for lead, but home buyers can request lead testing as part of inspections. To have your home properly inspected before moving in, visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for certified firms.

Q: How can I get my paint and water tested?

A: Paint testing can be done through Conservation Consultants Inc. (CCI). Water testing can be done through Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) if you are a City of Pittsburgh resident. Request your free testing kit here.

Q: Where can I get my soil tested?

A: Allegheny County Conservation District holds free soil testing events in various communities. All you need to do is bring a Ziploc bag of soil.

Q: My landlord isn’t doing anything about the lead in my rental. Who can help?

A: The Community Justice Project (CJP) can provide legal support to help.


Q: How can I help prevent lead poisoning in my work?

A: Always follow the EPA’s lead-safe work practices when doing any renovation or repair work that may disturb any dust, plaster or painted surface.