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Lead paint in Wilkinsburg

Paint is source of high lead levels in Wilkinsburg homes, report finds

Tribune-Review – Concerned Wilkinsburg residents and community leaders met Wednesday to sift through a report on the high level of lead exposure in the borough and what to do about it. The report, “Get the Lead Out, Wilkinsburg” was compiled by Get the Lead Out, Pittsburgh and Women for a Healthy Environment. It detailed results...
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glass being filled with water in sink

EPA Listens to Pittsburgh leaders at roundtable on lead in drinking water

The Allegheny Front – Lead levels in the Pittsburgh region’s tap water took the national spotlight at a community roundtable held on Thursday. The roundtable, held by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, was the first in a series of 10 virtual events across the country to talk about updating the federal Lead and Copper Rule for drinking water. In...
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Caution sign being hung

Kids continue to be poisoned by lead; vote as if their futures depend on it.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – At first, Delia just thought her son, Joseph, was a little behind the curve. He wasn’t crawling or speaking at the same age as his older siblings. It wasn’t until he got to school when he was disruptive in class, unable to keep up and considered “hyperactive” that she started to worry....
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Trib Live

Letter to the editor: We must protect children from toxic lead

Tribune-Review – We still have work to do to eliminate the threat of toxic lead in the lives of young children. The covid-19 virus has taken precedence over our health concerns, rightly so, but lead paint dust and lead in our drinking water still loom in the environment of our children and grandchildren. It exists...
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Lead paint

PWSA donates $250K to nonprofit as part of lead violation settlement

Tribune-Review – Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is following through on a settlement it reached in July to resolve violations of Pennsylvania’s Safe Drinking Water Act. As part of the settlement, PWSA agreed to donate $250,000 to Women for a Healthy Environment, a nonprofit that will use the money to offer free and reduced cost testing to city...
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Get the Lead out, Pgh

Pittsburgh City Council Commits to Introduction of Legislation to Prevent Lead Poisoning

Pittsburgh, PA (October 27, 2020) – In recognition of National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, Pittsburgh City Council is announcing their commitment to a lead-safe Pittsburgh by collaborating on legislation that would prevent lead poisoning and by raising awareness of the issues surrounding exposure to lead hazards in the community.
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Graph of children tested for lead in Allegheny county

Pittsburgh, Allegheny County officials talk about household lead issues with experts

Tribune-Review – Children exposed to lead have lower IQs and are more likely to develop attention deficit disorders, and adults who are exposed are at greater risk for heart disease. That’s what a leading researcher of the problem told Pittsburgh City Council members Tuesday. While the effects of exposure to lead have been known for more than...
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Workers pull out old lead pipe in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh officials to hear from outside experts about how to tackle lead issues

Tribune-Review – Children who live in Pittsburgh remain more likely to have higher lead levels than those who live in other areas of the country, according to the Allegheny County Health Department. City officials are working to change that trend. For several years, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has worked to replace lead service lines and is working...
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Woman uses sensor to detect lead on banister

Lead progress but more work to do

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – It’s great news that the levels of lead in Pittsburgh’s drinking water have declined to the lowest point in 20 years, as reported in the July 23 article “PWSA: Lead Levels Greatly Reduced in City’s Water.” However, we should not rest on our laurels that our lead problems are over. Here in...
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water drop

PGH Water and Sewer Authority Ordered To Pay $500k, Hire Independent Corporate Monitor

PennWatch – The Attorney General’s Office has entered into an agreement with the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) as part of its investigation into the company’s negligence that exposed residents to high levels of lead when the water authority was forced to replace old lead water pipes throughout Pittsburgh neighborhoods. By failing to inform...
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