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Lead safety law protects the city’s children

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – One in five American children has a learning or attention disability. And the rising autism rate, which has nearly tripled since 2000, affects one in 54 children. In Pennsylvania, over 120,000 children were identified with a specific learning disability in 2019; thousands more have ADHD. Exposure to toxic chemicals is the cause...
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Lead chipped paint on a window

Pittsburgh City Council passes bill to remove lead from rental properties

WESA – Pittsburgh City Council passed legislation that would require properties built before 1978 to be tested for lead. If lead is found, the owner must have the issue professionally remedied, and the city will test to ensure that lead is no longer found. The bill focuses especially on paint, soil and water. It also...
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Lead Paint

Pittsburgh City Council passes lead safety bill aiming to curb potential lead exposure in children

Tribune-Review – Pittsburgh City Council on Tuesday adopted a lead safety ordinance that aims to prevent potential lead exposure for city residents, and children in particular. The ordinance is one step in a larger effort to reduce the number of lead poisoning cases in Pittsburgh, said Councilwoman Erika Strassburger, who introduced the legislation in October. From 2015...
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‘A huge first step:’ City Council set to consider lead safety law

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – About a month after introducing legislation aimed at reducing and mitigating lead exposure for Pittsburgh residents, particularly young children, City Council is set to consider the bill Tuesday. The legislation, formally known as the “Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law,” is a multi-pronged approach to prevent lead poisoning, including inspections for residential buildings and...
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Workers pull out old lead pipe in Pittsburgh

Legislation would focus on lead paint in Pittsburgh homes

Tribune-Review – Pittsburgh City Council on Monday advanced a proposed ordinance that aims to protect city residents from harmful lead exposure, though council members said the legislation should be considered only the first step in a larger effort. The measure aims to reduce the number of lead poisoning cases in the city, said Councilwoman Erika...
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Lead Safety Law

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Getting the lead out of Pittsburgh means addressing lead poisoning that comes from all sources: water, dust, soil and paint. Pittsburgh’s focus until now has been for the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority to replace lead service lines. But this is not enough. With Pittsburgh’s old housing stock (built before 1978) and...
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Work hard to get the lead out

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – The lingering legacy of our city’s industrial past continues to echo throughout our community. Just one example is lead, a harmful neurotoxin that still remains in our homes, soil, water, and air as demolitions and renovations stir up dust and debris. Each year, as a result, hundreds of Pittsburgh kids are newly...
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90.5 WESA

Pittsburgh expanded regulations to address lead exposure

WESA – This week, Pittsburgh City Council will be considering a proposal for the development of a plan to further address lead contamination and poisoning. Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis, executive director of Women for a Healthy Environment, says it’s important to remember lead exposure causes lasting damages, and there are no safe levels of lead. She says this law would...
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KDKA Lead Exposure

Pittsburgh City Council Ordinance Aims To Protect Kids From Lead Poisoning

 KDKA – Many people might not realize, but lead contamination is still a significant issue in the area. In fact, according to investigations conducted by the Allegheny County Health Department, about 400 new cases of lead poisoning are reported among children in the City of Pittsburgh each year. Now advocates and local leaders are...
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