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Lead Safety Law

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Getting the lead out of Pittsburgh means addressing lead poisoning that comes from all sources: water, dust, soil and paint. Pittsburgh’s focus until now has been for the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority to replace lead service lines. But this is not enough. With Pittsburgh’s old housing stock (built before 1978) and...
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Work hard to get the lead out

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – The lingering legacy of our city’s industrial past continues to echo throughout our community. Just one example is lead, a harmful neurotoxin that still remains in our homes, soil, water, and air as demolitions and renovations stir up dust and debris. Each year, as a result, hundreds of Pittsburgh kids are newly...
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90.5 WESA

Pittsburgh expanded regulations to address lead exposure

WESA – This week, Pittsburgh City Council will be considering a proposal for the development of a plan to further address lead contamination and poisoning. Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis, executive director of Women for a Healthy Environment, says it’s important to remember lead exposure causes lasting damages, and there are no safe levels of lead. She says this law would...
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KDKA Lead Exposure

Pittsburgh City Council Ordinance Aims To Protect Kids From Lead Poisoning

 KDKA – Many people might not realize, but lead contamination is still a significant issue in the area. In fact, according to investigations conducted by the Allegheny County Health Department, about 400 new cases of lead poisoning are reported among children in the City of Pittsburgh each year. Now advocates and local leaders are...
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Workers pull out old lead pipe in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh City Council introduces lead safety bill

Tribune-Review – Pittsburgh City Council on Tuesday introduced an ordinance that it said would address lead exposure, and it also urged Pittsburgh Public Schools and utility companies to take action to reduce potential lead exposure. “About 400 children each year in the region are found to have elevated blood lead levels,” Councilwoman Erika Strassburger said....
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Pittsburgh city leaders outline multipronged plan to prevent lead poisoning in children

Public Source – Allegheny County and Pittsburgh’s water authority already have two of the most progressive policies in the country in place to address lead poisoning in children. The county health department routinely tests all children for lead poisoning twice by age 2. And the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has replaced more than half of...
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Lead Hazard. Keep Out Sign

Pittsburgh Council members push for stricter lead poisoning prevention measures

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – With a focus on the city’s children, four Pittsburgh Council members Tuesday introduced an ordinance aimed at tackling lead poisoning that can happen when children live or go to day care in older housing and building stock, or drink water from fountains with lead pipes. The legislation would give city residents — whether...
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Small lead pipe

Pittsburgh City Council takes up bill on lead safety for children

WESA – A newly proposed bill introduced in Pittsburgh City Council would require regular lead safety assessments for older rental properties, and take other steps to reduce the threat posed by the neurotoxin. Councilor Erika Strassburger introduced a bill that would require rental properties with children present, and that were built before 1978, to have...
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Toxic Threat

Newly-introduced Lead Safety Law aims to protect Pittsburghers, their children

WPXI – The leading cause of lead poisoning in children in Pittsburgh is lead-based paint. That’s according to the Allegheny County Health Department. On Tuesday, Pittsburgh City Council members, along with the non-profit organization Women for a Healthy Environment, introduced the Lead Safety Law. They’re calling this ordinance historic. “It’s one of the most important issues that’s facing Pittsburgh...
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Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law

Pittsburgh’s proposed ‘lead safety law’ seeks to protect from the toxic metal

WTAE – Pittsburgh city councilors unveiled a new law Tuesday, aimed at protecting against toxic lead poisoning. The “Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law” would proactively assess common pathways of exposure. If passed, lead filters would be put in all city-owned drinking facilities. All demolitions would need to acquire a permit for a lead-safe plan, limiting the...
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