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More children are tested for lead, while home repairs try to keep up

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -Hundreds of children throughout Allegheny County have been found with elevated levels of lead in their blood since universal screening began in 2018 and thousands more children were tested. At the same time, efforts to prevent exposure in the first place have been slow to gain momentum, including a county-led pilot program to offer property owners help in removing...
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Get out more lead

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – It’s not just lead in water. Young children and women of childbearing age are exposed to lead hazards from paint and soil as well. And it’s not just in Pittsburgh. According to the health department, there are “hot spots” throughout Allegheny County. County Executive Rich Fitzgerald appointed a Lead Task Force to...
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Allegheny County task force recommends program to reduce lead in rental properties

TribLIVE —Rental properties in Allegheny County should be inspected for lead in their paint and water each time they are sold to a new owner, a county lead task force recommends. The recommendation was among two dozen suggestions in the task force’s report released Tuesday . A rental inspection program in Rochester, N.Y., was identified as a...
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