Letter to the editor: We must protect children from toxic lead

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Tribune-Review – We still have work to do to eliminate the threat of toxic lead in the lives of young children. The covid-19 virus has taken precedence over our health concerns, rightly so, but lead paint dust and lead in our drinking water still loom in the environment of our children and grandchildren. It exists where children live and play. Experts say there is no safe level of lead, as it is absorbed into the body. It impairs mental and physical development.

We need to bring awareness to our city about the source and effects of high levels of toxic lead on children’s health and development. Many children spend time in older homes or churches that are under renovation and often serve as a place for child care. Brown and Black communities are being disproportionately affected.

I am glad that Pittsburgh City Council is taking steps to address this issue by committing to drafting and introducing legislation that will prevent lead poisoning in my community. I support the council’s efforts and look forward to when a Pittsburgh lead safety law that protects our children’s health and development is introduced and passed.

Christean Volz


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