Free limited-time offer: Get your home tested for lead.
Free limited-time offer: Get your home tested for lead.

Pittsburgh City Council Ordinance Aims To Protect Kids From Lead Poisoning

KDKA Lead Exposure

KDKA – Many people might not realize, but lead contamination is still a significant issue in the area.
In fact, according to investigations conducted by the Allegheny County Health Department, about 400 new cases of lead poisoning are reported among children in the City of Pittsburgh each year. Now advocates and local leaders are teaming up to make the city a safer place.

On Tuesday, Mayor Bill Peduto, members of City Council and advocates from Women for a Healthy Environment announced a new lead safety law. Leaders have been working on this for about two years. The lead safety ordinance is designed to help protect residents from lead exposure.

While the city began working about four years ago to replace lead water supply lines, many children still come into contact with lead paint and adults are often exposed through lead in their soil while renovating old homes, many of which were constructed before 1978 when lead was banned in house paint.

The ordinance will include city inspections to help provide lead-safe rental homes and places where children spend time, lead-safe demolitions, lead-safe renovations and repair and lead-safe drinking water.

The goal is to end lead poisoning and make the city safer for children and ultimately future generations.

The new law is not in effect yet. A final vote is expected to happen by the end of next month.

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