Get the lead out, Pittsburgh City Council.

No child should suffer the devastating, lasting effects of lead poisoning. Yet, hundreds of kids in Pittsburgh are identified with elevated blood lead levels each year.

Sign your name to ask Pittsburgh City Council to enact a Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law and protect our children from lead poisoning.

Get the Lead out, PGH

Pittsburgh has a lead problem.  
Pittsburgh City Council can fix it.

Dear Pittsburgh City Council,

We envision a lead-safe Pittsburgh.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, children no longer suffer from the lifelong cognitive and behavioral problems caused by lead poisoning.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, adults aren’t struggling with heart disease and kidney failure because of long-term exposure to lead.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, we don’t wait for children to be poisoned in order to identify lead hazards; we work proactively to recognize the threats and prevent them.

In Pittsburgh today, hundreds of kids under the age of six are diagnosed with lead poisoning each year, with black and brown children being disproportionately poisoned. The causes are clear:

  • The leading cause of lead poisoning in our kids is lead-based paint, which is found in most of our homes since 85% were built before 1978 when lead-based paint was banned.
  • Lead in our soil is another common pathway of exposure; and
  • Lead is still found in our drinking water, despite recent strides to address this.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, we recognize that lead poisoning is preventable, and we enact policies that address these common causes of lead poisoning in our communities.

Pittsburgh has a lead problem. Council can solve it by enacting a Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law and dedicating funding for its implementation in the 2021 budget.

A Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law designed to address the causes of lead exposure will help to eliminate lead poisoning in our City, by identifying and preventing lead hazards:

  • In rental properties and child-occupied facilities;
  • Caused by repairs, renovations and painting work that disturbs lead-based paint;
  • Caused by demolitions that stir up lead dust;
  • In our soil and in our drinking water.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, we set the example for the communities in our region, our commonwealth, and our nation that continue to face the dangers of lead poisoning.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, we all join together to fix Pittsburgh’s lead problem.

The time for a lead-safe Pittsburgh is NOW.


Clean Water Action
Community Justice Project
Grounded Strategies
One PA
Pittsburgh United
Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh
Women for a Healthy Environment