Free limited-time offer: Get your home tested for lead.
Free limited-time offer: Get your home tested for lead.

Get the lead out, Pittsburgh City Council.

No child should suffer the devastating, lasting effects of lead poisoning. Yet, hundreds of kids in Pittsburgh are identified with elevated blood lead levels each year.

Sign your name to ask Pittsburgh City Council to enact a Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law and protect our children from lead poisoning.

Get the Lead out, PGH

Pittsburgh has a lead problem.  
Pittsburgh City Council can fix it.

Dear Pittsburgh City Council,

We envision a lead-safe Pittsburgh.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, children no longer suffer from the lifelong cognitive and behavioral problems caused by lead poisoning.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, adults aren’t struggling with heart disease and kidney failure because of long-term exposure to lead.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, we don’t wait for children to be poisoned in order to identify lead hazards; we work proactively to recognize the threats and prevent them.

In Pittsburgh today, hundreds of kids under the age of six are diagnosed with lead poisoning each year, with black and brown children being disproportionately poisoned. The causes are clear:

  • The leading cause of lead poisoning in our kids is lead-based paint, which is found in most of our homes since 85% were built before 1978 when lead-based paint was banned.
  • Lead in our soil is another common pathway of exposure; and
  • Lead is still found in our drinking water, despite recent strides to address this.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, we recognize that lead poisoning is preventable, and we enact policies that address these common causes of lead poisoning in our communities.

Pittsburgh has a lead problem. Council can solve it by enacting a Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law and dedicating funding for its implementation in the 2021 budget.

A Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law designed to address the causes of lead exposure will help to eliminate lead poisoning in our City, by identifying and preventing lead hazards:

  • In rental properties and child-occupied facilities;
  • Caused by repairs, renovations and painting work that disturbs lead-based paint;
  • Caused by demolitions that stir up lead dust;
  • In our soil and in our drinking water.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, we set the example for the communities in our region, our commonwealth, and our nation that continue to face the dangers of lead poisoning.

In a lead-safe Pittsburgh, we all join together to fix Pittsburgh’s lead problem.

The time for a lead-safe Pittsburgh is NOW.


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Current Signers

as of June 4, 2021
Clean Water Action
Community Justice Project
Grounded Strategies
One PA
Pittsburgh United
Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh
Women for a Healthy Environment

1Hood Power
ACTION Housing Inc.
Beltzhoover Consensus Group
The Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburgh Co-op
Bloomfield Development Corporation
Casa San Jose
Casey Droege Cultural Productions
Citizen Power, Inc.
Coalition of Organized Residents of East Liberty
Conservation Voters of PA
The Finesse Institute
Grow Pittsburgh
Hill District Consensus Group
Hilltop Alliance
Just Harvest
Larimer Consensus Group
Lawrenceville United
Nurture PA
Pittsburgh Food Policy Council
Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance
Regional Housing Legal Services
Sierra Club Allegheny Group
Spring Hill Civic League
Uptown Partners of Pittsburgh
UrbanKind Institute
Voices Against Violence
West End P.O.W.E.R.

Ashley Ingram, Squirrel Hill
Kate Brennan, Pittsburgh
Kexin Hu, Shadyside
Angelina Van Sprang, Bluff
Sara Wood, Southside
Emily Tran, Downtown
Stephanie Johnson, Bluff
Kaitlyn Soltez, Bluff
Jessica Guido, Southside
Allie Holler, South Oakland
Allison Blanchard, Bluff
Alyssa DiDonato, Downtown
Hunter Nolan, Bluff
Solstice Leed, Bluff
Kolten Hilterman, Bluff
Steph Galasso, Southside
Kira Minucicci, Southside
Gabriella Santacecilia, Southside
Mia Hess, Regent Square
Abigail Ferris, Allegheny Center
Frances Tarkett, Southside
Eric Miller, Squirrel Hill
Marge Lambrou, Mt. Washington
Jonathan Nadle, Beechview
Eugene Mariani, Downtown
Joy Braunstein, Squirrel Hill
Paul Gibson, Squirrel Hill
Leonard Weiss, Squirrel Hill
Margaret Schmidt, Regent Square
William Wekselman, Squirrel Hill
Lauren Vukina, Squirrel Hill
Howard Aikens, Point Breeze
Mark White, Brookline
Felipe Gomez, Squirrel Hill
Nancy Aronson, Northside
Rebecca Weiss, Swisshelm Park
Sydney Stump, North Oakland
Margaret King, Squirrel Hill
Renee Robnison, Garfield
Diane Kokowski, Beechview
Barb Murock, Squirrel Hill
Pamela Grove, Northside
Susan Mucha, Shadyside
Dave Bindewald, Highland Park
Linda Flower, Highland Park
John Tymitz, Oakland
Luke O’Brien, Oakland
Laurie Heller, Squirrel Hill
Gaye Fifer, Regent Square
Courtney Duzyk, Brookline
Derrick Gaines, Highland Park
Ro Perla, Mt. Washington
Elizabeth Bush, Point Breeze
Bernadette Rogan, Oakland
Irene Surmik, Oakland
Lynne Porterfield, Highland Park
Christopher Kipp, Beechview
Robert Kelley, Mt. Washington,
Bonnie Evans, Southside
Elaine Nicholas, Friendship
Susan Stauffer, Squirrel Hill
Julie Kascal, Highland Park
Ken Lewis, Oakland
Nina Hamilton, Shadyside
Alijah Addis, Hazelwood
Donna Coufal, Squirrel Hill
Jenny Briggs, Park Place
Marcela Rivas, Point Breeze
Lori Abrams, Squirrel Hill
Deborah Polk, Highland Park
Brad Rea, Shadyside
Frances Casillo, Mt. Washington
Nadia Knoblock, Beechview
Ebe Emmons, Point Breeze
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Carol James, East Liberty
Ali Shapiro, Regent Square
John Engle, Allegheny West
Juliane Austin, Squirrel Hill
Rachel Schmidt, Brookline
Rona Chang, Lawrenceville
Angela Perfetti, Regent Square
Lindsay Colgan, Oakland
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Stephen Marziake, Northside
Nick Woten, Oakland
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Michael Barth, Oakland
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Nik Vostal, Oakland
Sydney Loeper, Oakland
Alexis McElravy, Brookline
Jonna Jamie, Lawrenceville
Roey Beniluz, Oakland
Austin Fritz, Shadyside
Rebecca Gaugler, Lawrenceville
Sabella Prime, Hill District
Joshua Silverman, Oakland
Ross Matthaei, Oakland
Rileigh Dowling, Oakland
Carolyn Cooley, Oakland
Khari Mosley, North Oakland
Isabella Snider, Oakland
Christine Goon, Squirrel Hill
Elena Chagnovich, Oakland
Anna Skerrett, Oakland
Evee Bak, Oakland
Jonathan Gaugler, Lawrenceville
David Belles, South Oakland
Michael Coblenz, Squirrel Hill
Emily Cleath, Lawrenceville
Charles Goldhaber, Squirrel Hill
Olivia Horgan, Brighton Heights
Mark Wagner, Pittsburgh
April Cilsura, Greenfield
Maria Mangano, Southside
Jake Seltman, Larimer
Philip Bauerle, Morningside
Kym Simmons, Highland Park
Steven Lowry, Point Breeze
Ronni Weiss, Regent Square
Michael Larson, East End
Christine Larson, East End
Megan Whitmer, Highland Park
Maralynn Jacoby, Squirrel Hill
Kaitlin Sweeney, Oakland
Michelle Kelly, Squirrel Hill
Richard Carrington, Sr., South Pittsburgh/Hilltop
Jennifer Allison, Northside
Raqueeb Bey, Homewood
Douglas Placais, Allentown
Harry Battista, Knoxville
Mary Weidner, Garfield
Diana Pavlik, Allentown
Mary Dawn Edwards, Squirrel Hill
Carrie Pavlik, Allentown
Claire M. Cohen, Highland Park
Erica Wells, Shadyside
Eric Probola, Allegheny Center
Cheryl Levin, Strip District
Hilary Schenker, Highland Park
Irene Surmik, Oakland
Ned Brockmeyer, Marshall-Shadeland
Katie Blume, Pittsburgh
Tim Pearce, Squirrel Hill
Andi Fischhoff, Squirrel Hill
Shaman Pomaj chakmam Yajalaji , Lincoln-Lemington
Jonathan Burgess, Swisshelm Park
Matthew Oczypok, Brookline
Rikkelle Oczypok, Brookline
Jason Hochreiter, Squirrel Hill
Dave Bindewald, Highland Park
Shelley Ross, Regent Square
Katie Westman, Troy Hill
Anna Frantz, Bloomfield
Emily Weaver, Highland Park
Colin McWhertor, Morningside
Neashia Johnson, Hill District
Elisabeth Heffner, Highland Park
Leo Kates, Oakland
Lerae Kroon, Morningside
Eric Miller, Squirrel Hill
Karen Gardner, Point Breeze
Roger Day, Squirrel Hill
Abby Resnick, Squirrel Hill
Tracy Ford-Epperson, Beltzhoover
Jackie Smith, Park Place
Hanna Beightley, Lawrenceville
Daniela Bloch, Squirrel Hill South
Megan Guy, Perry North
Marlene Williams, Uptown
Monica Ruiz, Beechview
Caitlin Schroering, Greenfield
Carol Hardeman, Hill District
David Breingan, Lawrenceville
Dawn Plummer, Pittsburgh
Margot Spiker, Bloomfield
Germaine Gooden-Patterson
Rebecca Brown, Bloomfield
Kara Rubio, Upper Lawrenceville
Deborah Rohe, Downtown
Kris Knieriem, Point Breeze
Ashleigh Deemer, Squirrel Hill
Stacy Skiavo, Polish Hill
Marrisa Therriault, Central Northside
Heidi Allison, Northside
Olivia Perfetti, Shadyside
Katy Shoff, Friendship
Talor Musil, Central Northside
Cameron Simpson, Northside
Delia Veschi, Northside
Traci Day, Friendship
Lakeshia Lee, Northside
Melissa Krill, Northside
Paulina Sernac, West End
June King, Mt. Oliver
Davida Nash, West End
Annette Strickland, Northside
Amy Winegarden, Beechview
Gina Lee, Northside
Melissa Marshall, Northside
Holly Williams, Manchester
Cathy Cordrict, Northside
Lowell Britson, Shadyside
Erica Brusselars, East Allegheny
Amanda Zelnis, Oakland
Ivette Mongalo-Winston, Regent Square
Jill Kriesky, Mexican War Streets
Rhianna  Davis, Squirrel Hill
Elizabeth Schongar, Northside Central
Jocelyn Converse, Edgewood
Charles  Hendzel, Mckees Rocks
Tracy Kirst, Brookline
Zayla Sandstrom, Greenfield
Marianne Novy, Squirrel Hill
Derrick Shanholtzer, Troy Hill
Claude LaVallée, Polish Hill
Carol Diethorn, Mt. Washington
Chelsea Martin, South Side
Josephine Brigham, Shadyside
David Drewery, Sheridan
Karin Keller, Arlington
Mary Lyons, Greenfield
Peter  King, Greenfield
Klara Andersson, Lawrenceville
Emily Cleath, Lawrenceville
Jennie O’Donaghue, Greenfield
Terri Zuckerman, Oakland
Elizabeth Schongar, Northside Central
Eli Shumaker, Sheraden
Ariel Nesvadba, Friendship
Mary Tremonte, Observatory Hill
Matt  Clark, Oakland
Michele Boyd, Hill District
Jocelyn Converse, Edgewood
Aroel Nesvadba, Friendship
J Gary Sutton, North Side
Kevin Hurst, Larimer
Catherine M Flamenbaum, Swisshelm Park
Naomi Chambers, Hill District
Mary Kohl, Shadyside
Brian Crawford, Beechview
Jeffrey C Mason, Mt. Washington
Matt Russell, Homestead
Linda Arnade, Squirrel Hill
David  Stacy, Westwood
Anna Frantz, Bloomfield
Melissa Collins, Bloomfield
Dan Sullivan, Squirrel Hill
Bill Stiner, West View
Leila Jean-Mary, Squirrel Hill North
Sharon Stern, Springhill
Sean Moundas, Shadyside
Nina Barbuto, Garfield
Hannah Hardy, Northside
Khamil Scantling, Knoxville
Candice Benson, Sheraden
Roy Blankenship, Knoxville
Elizabeth Schongar, Northside
Bryan Ceberio-Lucas, Marshall-Shadeland
Barbara  Grover, Squirrel Hill
Michael Pastorkovich, North Oakland
Molly Eggleston, Edgewood
Gabby Giotto, Lawrenceville
Rachel Tiche, Spring Garden
Miah Hornyak, North Oakland
Karin Cox, Lawrenceville
Bernadette Rogan, Oakland
Janet Felmeth, Mt. Washington
Nancy Nalitz, Shadyside
Anna Archer, Highland Park
Sharon Yeager, Duquesne Heights
Jack Morrin, Friendship
Santhiya Mahilkanthan, Northside
Charita Bush, Northside
Clara Weibel, Downtown Pittsburgh
Sheharyar Ahmad, Regent Square
Dorothea Hall, Homewood
Barbara Brandom, Highland Park
Lucyna de Barbaro, Squirrel Hill
Stephanie Kater, Swisshelm Park
Rachel Schmidt, Brookline
Chana Sutofsky, Squirrel Hill
Tanisha  Bowman, Spring Hill City View
Gabriel Cisneros, Squirrel Hill
Christine Goon, Squirrel Hill
Vijay Bakrania, Carrick
Rachel Baron, Carrick
Larissa  Kijowski, Oakland
Janice Nash, Oakland
Jess Scott, Oakland
Sonia Rupcic, Shadyside
Max Risch, Shadyside
Tereneh Idia, Central North Side
Sallyann Kluz, East Liberty
Susan Leech, Edgewood
Susan Berman, Squirrel Hill
Reagan Harper, Squirrel Hill
Casey Droege, Stanton Heights