Free limited-time offer: Get your home tested for lead.
Free limited-time offer: Get your home tested for lead.

Test your home for lead

Lead Risk Assessments Available in Allegheny County

In Allegheny County, 80% of homes were built before 1978 when lead was banned from paint. And, according to inspections by the Allegheny County Health Department, the top sources of lead poisoning in our community are dust and paint. Is your family safe from lead poisoning?

A simple lead risk assessment can identify potential sources for lead exposure in your home. And, based on your answers to the questions below, the assessment may be free or very low cost.

To determine if you’re eligible for services including a free or reduced-cost Lead Risk Assessment, please complete the following questions.

Interested in a Lead Risk Assessment?

What to expect from a Lead Risk Assessment

Using CDC-safety protocols, a certified inspector will come to your home to collect samples of dust, interior and exterior paint, bare soil, and, in some cases, tap water. They will maintain proper social distance from your family, wear a mask and obey all recommended guidelines. Learn more.

Learn more about the health effects of lead poisoning, sources of exposure and what you can do to protect your family.