Work hard to get the lead out

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – The lingering legacy of our city’s industrial past continues to echo throughout our community.

Just one example is lead, a harmful neurotoxin that still remains in our homes, soil, water, and air as demolitions and renovations stir up dust and debris.

Each year, as a result, hundreds of Pittsburgh kids are newly diagnosed with lead poisoning, causing cognitive and behavioral problems that last a lifetime. Here in Pittsburgh, lead poisoning disproportionately affects Black and brown children as a result of the age and condition of our housing. We see the impact every day here in the Hill District.

So we were energized to see about the new Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law (Oct. 26, “Pittsburgh Council members push for stricter lead poisoning prevention measures”) that will protect our children where they live, learn and play in the city.

This law is not the end, however; it is a step in the right direction. We encourage Pittsburgh City Council to adopt this ordinance and begin to implement the practices regarding housing inspections and lead safety.

It’s going to take all of us — City Council, landlords, advocates, educators, community leaders, contractors, parents, pediatricians, and neighbors – all working together for safe housing, along with the racial, economic, and environmental justice that our children deserve.

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